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All of us are passionate about at least one thing in our lives. Someone likes cooking, others prefer embroidery, and some people can’t imagine their lives without off-roads and vehicles that are designed to conquer those. It happens so that we are madly in love with Jeeps, and we are sure that dozens of you share this tough-ride addiction. Our main aim is to help people discover fresh horizons related to their vehicles, and we also know that many drivers are willing to share their knowledge together with experience. Still, they do not have the platform to make their dreams come true. Does it sound familiar? In case, it does then you certainly have come to the right place.

You do not need to be a certified professional or an academic writer to be able to share your thoughts, ideas, and reviews on our blog. All you need is your desire to become a contributing member of the Jeep community. Sounds about right, don’t you think? So, we are granting you the possibility to write and post your articles on our blog. However, there are a few basic rules and requirements that you need to consider. These are pretty much the guidelines that we would appreciate you following.

Allowed and appreciated:

  • Interesting content based on your own experience or research
  • Quality writing without all sorts of spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • A bunch of images to represent the point, make sure that those pictures that you upload or present are not restricted by copyright.
  • Content that is originally unique and not copied from anywhere.
  • Any article that you are about to post should represent a particular category.
  • Some working links and tags are allowed in the text.
  • The articles should not be shorter than 500 words.
  • If you desire, you can spread your posts on social networks.

Frowned upon:

  • Stolen or plagiarized content, whether text or images.
  • Grammatically incorrect or illogical content that may confuse the reader and lead the reader to make poor choices

How does it work? may indeed seem to work a little differently when compared to other sources, but we are not aiming at replicating anyone. That is why, once you complete your profile with us, we would ask you to share a bunch of your ideas that you are willing to write about. After that, we are going to get in touch with you and tell you which ideas interest us most as well so that we do not waste both yours and our time on writing or considering content that does not fit our goals. When and if we find common ground – you write, and we post! As simple as that!

Notice: we want to draw your attention to the fact that when you start writing for, you hereby agree that all the guidelines as to guest posts have been read and accepted by you. Thus, you will not disagree with the possible changes that the editing team of may suggest.

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